This page is for our new and experienced coaches and includes resources and tips for coaching netball. 

Miranda Magpies Netball Coaches Group

We are pleased to offer our Facebook Coaches Group which is made up of our club Coaches. Our group provides great information & tips  provided by experienced coaches and is a fantastic way to keep up to date with current coaching news and stay connected with other Magpies Coaches. 

Official Rules of Netball

The Rule Book incorporates the playing Rules of the International Federation of Netball Associations. This resource can be purchased from the Netball Australia Shop.  Alternatively, you can download the 2018 Official Netball Rules

Foundation Coach Accreditation

At Magpies, we require coaches to complete their Foundation Coach Accreditation.

The coaching framework is a six-tier progression pathway. Below is each step of the coaching pathway process.

Foundation Coach Accreditation sets new coaches up for success, gives access to some great resources and ensures confidence for the first time you pick up that whistle at your first training session.


The Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is targeted at beginner coaches, teachers, parents and ANZ NetSetGO coaches.


It outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques and is the first step in the national coaching accreditation framework.


Coaches can now complete their Foundation Coach Accreditation from the comforts of home with the course available online through Netball Australia’s website. Magpies reimburses the $50 cost.

Please forward your reciept for reimbursement to


Magpies encourages experienced coaches to mentor newer coaches. Magpies also offers coaches opportunities to be exposed to some of the industry’s best coaches by attending their sessions as observers.


As a new coach, one of the best ways to be partnered with a mentor is to synchronise your team’s training alongside a more experienced coaches training. For this visibility, please keep an eye on the Miranda Magpies Coaches Group Facebook page.

For all your coaching questions, feel free to email

Important information for coaches to note:

  • At least one coach or contact from every team must have access to a working email address - this is how we communicate important information

  • There are two compulsory coaches & team contact meetings every season. The first at the beginning, to receive information about the upcoming season, and the second towards the end of the season, where equipment will be returned. Keep an eye on your emails for date and information about these meetings. 

Online Resources

  • Netball Australia - Netball Australia is the hub of latest netball news, information and resources. There is a dedicated Coaching section which includes include tips sheets on Motivating Your Players and Demonstrating a Skill. The official Foundation Coaching Manual is also available through this site, or you may be able to borrow one from a fellow Magpies coach

  • Netball NSW – Netball NSW is an offshoot of Netball Australia. In their dedicated coaching section, you’ll find additional resources including skills sessions (activities performed by the NSW Swifts at training on NSWSwiftsTV) and Calendar of external coaching workshops (Magpies may cover the cost for you to attend).

  • Coaching Blueprint - The Coaching Blueprint is relevant to everyone who coaches netball, whether at grassroots or high performance level. It clearly articulates the direction for netball coaching in Australia and is supported by implementation drivers which underpin the successful implementation of the plan and support the delivery of coaching excellence.

  • The Coach Approach – The Coach Approach is underpinned by expert input and evidence, utilising research from around the globe into current world leading coaching practice in netball and many other sports.

  • Netball Australia's warm up guide -  The KNEE Program is an on court warm up program designed to enhance movement efficiency and prevent injury before training and matches. The KNEE Program targets three specific groups of players – junior, recreational and elite level athletes with different exercises tailored to match the predicted capabilities of each group. The KNEE Program has been designed to educate athletes, coaches and support staff.

  • Coaching Points – NetSetGo tips on safe landings, take-offs, pivoting etc. in a format that summarises key teaching points and common errors

  • Net Set Go – a variety of resources for skill based activities such as: Run, Jump, Catch, Balance, Games

  • Netskills - Coaching Manual 4, Specialist Skills is aimed at players from 12 years and up. This coaching manual is designed to provide all levels of coaches easy to follow activities necessary to develop 'specialist skills' within their team. The complete series includes all three sections: Circle Defence, Centre Court and Goaling.

  • INF Coaching Manual - This coaching resource has been developed by the International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) as an international competency framework for coaching which will help set global standards for coaching.

  • Net Fit Netball - by Sarah Wall - This website is run by ex ANZ netballer Sarah Wall and offers a range of netball services to encourage and inspire netballers of all ages through NETFIT Netball (a netball gym class), Netball Coaching and Health and Wellbeing Workshops.  The website also has a netball related blog that offers lots of information from past and current ANZ players.

  • Sportplan - Free netball drills library, netball coaching drills, videos and training plans and tools to help you become a better coach. Note: there is a subscription fee for some content

  • Energy Netball - The website caters to beginner to elite coaches. It gives coaches the ability to access training sessions and choose from several strategies. It will also provide tools such as statistic sheets, circuits, shooting programs, individual circuits, and many more resources. Note: there is a subscription fee.



  • Courtside Scoring - A netball scoring app that provides game analysis for the thinking player and coach. Courtside scoring makes scoring and statistics easily available 'courtside'. 

Various Coaching Manuals in Hardcopy


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